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Bookmark Printing Prices

Full color printing on wide variety of paper, card and sticker stocks. Select your quantity below.

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Personalized Color Bookmark Printing

Personalized Color Bookmark Printing Graphic
Looking for a unique way to market to your business prospects?

Personalized color bookmark printing by Overnight Press Leap of New York City

provides a unique marketing opportunity by nature. Bookmarks ensure multiple exposures per prospect. Everytime your prospect picks up their current book, the first thing they look for is your

personalized business bookmark


Think about it. How often do you read a book from cover to cover in one sitting? Not often.

Everyone uses bookmarks to save their place when they are done reading or get called off to something else. If they had your

personalized color bookmark,

it could be your company's name, logo, and product they looked for when they return their book... over... and over again. This repetitive exposure is what makes bookmarks from Overnight Press Leap in NYC so unique as a marketing tool.

Color Bookmark Design

Bookmark design is very similar to postcard design. A simple, uncluttered design that focuses on your business or product name works well. The reverse side should include short text explaining the benefits or features of your product or service, along with a means of locating your business. Think of it as a thin postcard that your customers keep and refer to over and over again.

Digital Bookmark Printing Features

• Printed on premium 14pt. card stock
• In stock or custom order papers available
• Gloss or matte finishes available
• Spot or full varnish and UV coating
• Go Green and skip the plastic
• Quick turnaround with high quality digital printing
• Metallic inks and foils available
• Custom dies
• Runs of 500,000 plus handled with ease

We Are Quality

We pride ourselves on our work. Overnight Press Leap is known as a top-tier producer of offset and digital printing. We use premium, extra heavy, earth friendly papers as the stock for our basic digital printing, not as an up-sell. We use soy based inks in offset and top of the line equipment. Our emphasis is on the highest quality printing possible.

As professional printers with extensive industry and design experience, we understand what quality printing is. And that is why we are a certified G7 printer.

From business cards to brochures and beyond, our digital printing is frequently the only thing your potential customer has before making the decision to call or purchase. You know quality when you see it, and so do your customers. Make a lasting, professional impression by choosing a top-tier printer.

When your next digital printing job means something to your business, trust it to a printer who truly understands quality.


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