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Direct Marketing Mailing Services

Direct Mail & Postcard Marketing

Postcard marketing

works by mailing

inexpensive postcards

to your prospect list or existing customers every few weeks or months. Your customers and prospects receive see your message when they get their mail. If it is a service they need are have been thinking about, they can act. If not, you are building name recognition and brand awareness for the future when they when they need something and are ready to buy. This is what makes business postcard marketing so effective and so popular.

And did we mention, we can professionally address and mail your postcards for less than you can? Learn More

Postcard Postage And Addressing Prices

Why pay to ship your

print job

to your mailing house to be shipped again? You can mail postcards directly through

Overnight Press Leap

for less than the price of a stamp. We address and mail cards up to 4 1/4 x 6" for 30 cents per piece (With postage and addressing, bar codes, and mail route sorting included). And for non-profits the postage is even less. And even if you mail the biggest 6" x 11" card you can still mail for less than the cost of the 44 cent stamp including our addressing services.

  3x5 4x6 4 1/4x6 5x7 6x8 6x9
First Class $ 0.300 $ 0.300 $ 0.300 $ 0.425 $ 0.425 $ 0.425
Standard       $ 0.325 $ 0.325 $ 0.325
NonProfit $ 0.235 $ 0.235 $ 0.235 $ 0.235 $ 0.235 $ 0.235

Self Mailers Require 2 wafer seals ( add $.02)

Price includes: Postage, addressing, sorting & delivery to Post Office (at Manhattan, NY).

Price Does Not Include: Data set up charge of $25** for the first file and $10** for each additional file.

Mailing List: Supply Mailing List in TXT, CSV, Excel or Dbase. If you have any questions about our mailing services or you do not have a mailing list and wish to purchase one, please email our mailing department at mailing@pressleap.com or call 1-800-767-8227

*for mailings of 2500 or more pieces.

**for mailings of 2500 or more pieces. Smaller quantities require a $125 data and setup fee.

We Are Quality

We pride ourselves on our work.

Overnight Press Leap

is known as a top-tier producer of

offset and digital printing

. We use premium, extra heavy, earth friendly papers as the stock for our basic digital printing, not as an up-sell. We use soy based inks in offset and top of the line equipment. Our emphasis is on the highest quality printing possible.

As professional printers with extensive industry and design experience, we understand what quality printing is. And that is why we are a certified G7 printer.

From business cards to brochures and beyond, our digital printing is frequently the only thing your potential customer has before making the decision to call or purchase. You know quality when you see it, and so do your customers. Make a lasting, professional impression by choosing a top-tier printer.

When your next digital printing job means something to your business, trust it to a printer who truly understands quality.


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